Colour Design Trends of 2020 for Entrepreneurs
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Colour Design Trends of 2020 for Entrepreneurs

Colour Design Trends of 2020 for Entrepreneurs

Top Colour Trends of 2020 That Every Entrepreneur Should Know About


Colours play a very important role in graphic design. It influences how a design is viewed as well as how it communicates ideas and notions. Considering how important it is, every designer should stay on top colour trends, to help them stay relevant and marketable albeit creative. This is true, especially for entrepreneurs. Watching colour trends of 2019 is a great insight into creating accurate speculations of trends that will be in 2020.


A closer look shows that 2019 showed an interesting play of colour for designing. You will quickly find dreamy/surreal touch to the use of colour rather than realism. This could be reminiscent of the artistic and expressive art deco era or a reaction to digital and tech world that has engulfed almost everything.


Bold and expressive colour were favored and the question on every designer’s mind is “what is to be expected with colour trends of 2020?”. The following have been picked as a result of their level of proliferation.


Colour trends to be expected in 2020


Bold colours: One colour trend which is hard to miss is the use of bold colours. A trend that surfaced sometime 2017 and has stayed strong since then doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It has gotten even bolder from being used as a center point of attraction to now being mixed.


The interesting mix features pairing bolder colours with moody colours or pairing with other bold colours to create a loud balance that is hard to miss. This mix has birthed an interesting transition in gradients (dual-tone gradients). Dual tone gradients are stunning and are a representation of the proliferation of technology and the digital era. A good representation of this trend is the design campaign of the iPad Pro launch.


Gradients: Gradients are all too common in graphic design but it has taken a new form laced by boldness. Shocking colour mixes are created and made to fade into each other. 2019 saw an end to playing by the rules of complementing colours or singular colours for gradient, especially in the tech world.


Companies like Samsung, telegram, apple, Instagram, etc. have all embraced the gradient trend. The new method of gradient which applies interesting mixes makes it easy for this trend to live on because it has a wide room for creativity in combination by different designers. Gradients aren’t just used as a focal point anymore; it is now used as a background for other focus objects (an example is Instagram).


Colour fonts: Brands like Adidas displayed use of coloured fonts in campaigns. Bold and colourful fonts used against warm or neutral background stood as a way to generate focus and achieve asymmetry.


We have witnessed gradient fonts as well as 3D fonts that are as bold as well. one thing to take from it is that fonts are now used as a representation instead of using graphical icons. However, the technique of interesting font sizes, as well as colours, are trends that should take a major seat in 2020.


Dreamy colour palette: An embrace of futuristic design ideas and symbolism is depicted through the use of dreamy colour palette. This is done by applying unusual colours to usual objects, allowing it to appear alien or as though it was taken right out of someone’s imagination.


Moody Colours: A prevalent emotional expression using moody colours is prevalent in 2019 graphic designs. Whether as backdrop colours or as colours on focus objects, warm and moody colours are making an interesting comeback.


These colours are used to achieve a dreamy and often surreal emotional expression. Teal, yellow, orange and red is commonly used Colours, with Pantone (a shade of orange) turning out to be the colour of the year. Warm moody colours are realistic, easy to relate to and therefore trust. As a result, companies like Uber and Stock photography have embraced this colour trend.


Metallic colours: More than silver and gold is metallic colours. Kicking out the use of gold to represent affluence, metallic colour tones are used to portray an edgy futuristic vibe. With abstract forms, they combine to give the perfect illustration. However, the second quarter of 2019 showed Samsung combining metallic touch with a gradient to create a unique and catchy illustration. This fusion is expected to be a big player come in 2020 to help graphic designers stand out and produce time relevant pieces.


Casual/freestyle: A trend that popped up in a lot of places is a casual use of colours. Rather than having an area fill, we started to see lots of unique strokes an artistic addition to designs. Things like doodles, brush strokes, colour splash, colour stains, traces, organic patterns, etc. were more than visible in graphic design. They helped create an imprint of creativity and uniqueness of each work, mirroring pop culture and the current emphasis on creativity. A good example is the ‘Fete De Trop’.


The freestyle colour usage has graduated to take on a 3D effect, which is gaining adoption and is expected to be seen expressively used in 2020. In response to this, features on Adobe suit are available to help designers create their unique freestyle designs by paying respect to hand drawing prowess. E.g. Adobe capture, Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.


Minimalism in graphic design: Perhaps following a natural rule of balance, the vivid and bold colour trend ongoing is also accompanied by a minimalist trend. A prevalence of simple yet outspoken designs clouds the graphic space often by combining a neutral or dark background with any of the above mentioned colour trends.

In conclusion, every graphic designer must stay abreast with information about trends like this that drive the creative space. It is also important to have reliable speculation on trends to come so as to be a time relevant designer. Entrepreneurs especially can make use of any of these in their designs to attract their intended target market and to set themselves as authorities.


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