7 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Journal
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7 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Journal

7 Reasons Why Successful Entrepreneurs Journal

Becoming successful at whatever you put your mind to is the ultimate goal of virtually every human being, but simply caving success or wishing for to achieve your goals, ambitions or dreams won’t just cut it. It’s a little-known secret that to achieve success, proper and effective preparation has to meet unwavering will power. This, of course, is easier than done, because most people think achieving proper preparation requires taking complicated steps, but in actuality sometimes the preparatory steps that are necessary to propel you to the heights you envision require simple steps or just adopting the right habits.


Journaling is very underrated, but this is one activity that has more power than you can imagine. As an entrepreneur, starting a business or executing an idea as highlighted above requires preparation. To prepare themselves, most entrepreneurs seek the guidance of mentors or businesspersons who have been successful in their industry and most times there is one common advice that they give or that you will discover when researching their lives, and this is; ‘journaling’.


In this post, we will be exploring the reasons why most people who have found the secret recipe of success whether in business, science, art or even sport keep a journal, and always advice other entrepreneurs to also. Surely, there has to be something effective about performing this simple activity that everyone is doing it, hopefully, we will get to find these secrets together, so, keep reading.


  1. Capturing an Idea

Have you ever been in a meeting, or in a plane or on your way to work or even in the shower and a million-dollar idea hits you? Chances are your answer is a definite yes and this is no surprise because this happens to almost everybody (especially successful individuals) and some people have been lucky to have a winning idea happen upon them more than once. The question now is; if this has happened to most people, why do they not act on it? The simple explanation for this is they simply forgot because they never wrote it down.

Though this sounds tragic, it happens to a lot of people and it’s the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. Keeping a journal will ensure that you are ready for the next time an idea wanders into your head because you will not forget it seeing as you would have documented it in your journal. Whether an idea seems, feasible or not, putting it down is a great idea.


  1. It Helps to Improve Focus

Even if you had a great memory and you are somehow able to remember every single idea you have ever had, there is a chance that the more ideas you get, the more likely you are to lose focus or interest in trying out or executing your previous ideas. Asides this, sometimes the ideas we get are vague or unclear and because they seem that way it is hard to focus on them and achieve clarity on what needs to be done.

Focus is an important character trait every overachiever has because it helps fuel a person’s will to achieve something.

When you record your thoughts in a journal (whether a good old fashion journal or an electronic journal or recorder) you can focus on prioritizing better and focus better on executing a plan. Also, the more you can access the ideas that you have recorded on the journal you will be constantly reminded of the things that you need to achieve.


  1. Keeping Track of Their Lives

At some point in their lives every successful entrepreneur would have failed at some venture would have failed at something, and they also record these failures in their journals. In as much as it is successes and failures because when you do this you are able to identify the following; the things you have done wrong/right the last time, how to avoid these mistakes going into your next project and, most importantly you are able to remember that failing doesn’t mean you have failed and which will help spur you on even when things get tough.


  1. It Help Gets the Creative Juices Flowing

Creativity is an important key to attaining success as an entrepreneur, but it is almost impossible to be creative when you do not have a clear head as a result of too many ideas and thoughts that are constantly crammed and bouncing around in your head. This is why people who have been able to design creative solutions to unique problems journal because writing down all their thoughts makes room for other ideas and also helps them figure out brilliant ways to complete their projects or tasks.


  1. It Assists Them Handle Mental Stress

Any type of stress is an enemy of success because it hinders creativity and productivity. Having a lot of tasks memorized in your head can be a major cause of the stress you are feeling now and keeping a journal is a great way of handling stress because when you write down your thoughts it clears your head and when you have a clear head you feel less stressed and instead become more energized and ready to take on activities and tasks in your daily life.


Also, we cannot deny that things that affect our personal lives are very likely to affect our business lives as well. One way to let go of these worries is by venting, journaling is a way of doing that and this is why even the successful entrepreneurs as they understand that it helps them be productive.


  1. Improves Memory

Memory is another thing that is affected when you have a lot of information in your head to keep track of. Successful people also journal because it has been proven to improve memory (long term and short term). When you clear up space in your head by cultivating a constant journaling habit, you can improve both retention ability and retention time.


  1. Facilitates Growth

Successful people value growth and they take on activities or habits that will help them achieve it. Journaling is a friend of growth because as mentioned previously it helps you identify the areas you have failed in the past which then should help you identify how to avoid the mistakes you have made on hone in on your abilities instead.


Without a doubt, a journal is a necessary tool to have as you get ready to face that next challenge or take on that next challenge. It is advisable to consciously build the habit of constant journaling as it’ll put in a great position to achieve your goals. Available on the blog is a product titled Level Up Business Journal. This product is a guide for entrepreneurs that will help them become better prepared and more likely to achieve success by exploring 7 stages of an entrepreneurial journey when turning ideas into profit. We wish you luck on your future endeavors and remember to get yourself a trusty journal.


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